Monday, June 19, 2017

Using Card Sketches to Design a Card

Oh, happy day—the UPS guy has delivered my order, I have my new stamp set in hand, and I am ready to make a card!  Now I need a card design.  At this point I have often spent a lot of time working with the card elements trying to come up with a pleasing design, a frustrating effort for me.  Card sketches have saved me!
A card sketch includes three card elements which make card design a simpler task: 
·         Matting—cardstock for the basic card and other contrasting pieces used to mat the basic pieces and make them “pop”
·         Designer paper—pretty paper for accenting the card
·         Embellishments—stamped images, ribbons, sequins, buttons, etc. 
With a sketch in mind, I can get to the fun part more quickly—making the card!  Sketches can be easily found on Pinterest or other websites. 
This sketch is courtesy of an Australian blog group:  just-add-ink. 

I used this sketch in my May class to make these cards.  
At the end of class, I challenged my class to make their own version of the card from the sketch and share it with the rest of us.  Sheila made this card for her granddaughter's (a twin) first birthday.
These three cards are similar in design, but the final versions are all unique.  I hope you have found this post helpful and you look for a card sketch the next time you are frustrated with trying to design a card.

This will be my last blog for a couple of weeks.  We are moving to a new house early July, and I have begun dismantling my craft room.  Thanks for dropping by my blog!


  1. Jean congratulations on taking the step of setting up a blog. I know how challenging that can be and exciting too. Well done. You are better than me I actually paid someone to set mine up for me. LOL. Your blog looks good.

  2. Thank you, Vicki. I feel like I replied before, but maybe not. I am a bit frazzled with all this packing and getting ready to move on July 7. My craft room is looking so bare. I hope I have labeled all the boxes plainly so I find things when we start UNPACKING!

  3. Hi Jean, Well done on the web page. I can beat you, 70 in August 5th but a great journey with SU.and yes the often overwhelming WEB. I have a wordpress blog now. At but remember back to my first one with fond memories.
    This article is great and in the interests of helping each other you might like to try finding a space where you can have more control of the light for your images. Such as using a couple of desk lamps so you don't spoil images like the great little girl pic with what appears your shadow, i think. Unless of course Shelia sent it to you. MMMM maybe.

  4. This was Sheila's pic, but I have the same problem at times. Thanks for your advice!