Thursday, September 27, 2018

Stampin' Up! 2018 Holiday Catalog Favorites

Have you ever struggled with picking up small embellishments or sequins when working on a project?  I do--my little sausage fingers aren’t as nimble as they were when I was younger!  Stampin’ Up! is introducing a new fun and HANDY multipurpose product called the Take Your Pick tool (item 144107 on page 30) in the new 2018 Holiday Catalog.  I had to get one right away, and I have found lots of uses for it.

A tacky putty end helps you easily pick up smaller elements.  The other end has four interchangeable tips which give you more options for your crafting needs:  piercing tip, spatula tip, large and small stylus tips.  A second putty end refill is included, and more refills are available.

The putty end is GREAT for picking up small elements, but it is NOT an adhesive.   Let’s say you are embellishing your project with sequins:

 Put a tiny drop of glue where you want to place the sequins.

Touch the putty end of the tool on the sequins..
Woo hoo--sequins sticks!
Place sequins on the drop of glue.  Easy and no mess!

I really like the larger stylus tip for scoring.  See what I mean about sausage fingers?  LOL

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