Sunday, September 3, 2017

Card Making Technique:  Sponging 1

I often use sponging to add extra depth and richness to my projects.  The greeting on the left has no sponging.  The sponged one the right has more depth and interest.  

I used two sponging methods to create this look. 
1.  Holding the cardstock in one hand, I held the  inked sponge on the side of the paper and gently swiped along the edge of the card stock.

2.  Another way to add color variation and depth to the card is to lay the card stock flat on the work surface, ink up the sponge,  and apply ink in a circular manner to the area you want highlighted.  On the sample above I sponged on two colors working my way from the edge of the card stock to the center.

These techniques are very basic, but add pizazz to a project!  Join me next time--in Sponging 2,  I will combine masking and sponging to create an interesting background color.  

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